Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels at home?

Do you feel tired or unsure of where to turn?

Or do you feel like you constantly have to reinvent the wheel with your kids?

The faMoS-bike is here to help you shift into a new gear!


Who are we?


We are a team consisting of social workers and teachers with many years of experience leading games and creative outside activities.

With our faMoS-cargobike we travel around in Spandau and are inviting you to join us, playing, creating and moving.



What do we do?





        We can spontaneously help you with questions about family, education, health, and lots more.




        There’s always something fun to do at the faMoS-Bike! We bring games and activities to the parks and playgrounds in Spandau.
        We’re happy to have you take part! 




        Join us and meet other families facing similar challenges. Whatever your situation is, you’re not alone!




        Our team knows where to find help and support all around Spandau, and can help you get in touch with those resources.